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Benito is an "A" School!
Benito is a 5-Star Award Winning School!
Important Dates
FCAT Testing Dates
April 14th -- FCAT Testing
April 17th -- FCAT Testing
April 22nd & 23rd -- FCAT Testing
April 24th & 25th -- FCAT Testing (Small Group & Makeups)
April 28th & 29th -- FCAT Testing (8th Grade testing)
April 30th & May 1st -- FCAT Testing (Small Group & Makeups)

Important Dates

1st -- Volleyball/Football game (Buchanan @ Benito, 6pm)
2nd -- Hispanic Heritage Celebration; 6:00 pm
8th -- Incoming 6th Graders' Orientation; 5:30 pm
9th -- 6th Grade field trip
13th -- NJHS Induction Ceremony; 5:00 pm
14th -- Progress Reports go home
15th -- Conference Night; 5:00 pm
16th -- Orchestra & Band field trip
20th -- SERVE Volunteer Breakfast
      -- Spring Orchestra Concert; 5:00 pm
      -- Spring Band Concert; 7:00 pm
21st -- 8th Grade field trip
      -- 6th Grade Awards Ceremony; 2:30 pm
22nd -- 7th Grade Awards Ceremony; 9:30 am
       -- 8th Grade Awards Ceremony; 2:30 pm
23rd -- Yearbook Signing Party (only for students who purchased a yearbook); 3:30 pm
26th -- Memorial Day Holiday; NO SCHOOL
30th -- 8th Grade Dance; 5:00 pm

6th -- Last day of school


Edsby Parent Registration

Parent registration is now available for Edsby.
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  • Student Number
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  • Last four digits of student's Social Security Number
  • Student's Birth Date
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